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MLM-A Legal Business

Most MLM companies have been a target of criticisms and laws. Criticisms on MLM is mainly due to various factors like more complex compensation schemes, high start-up costs, flaws in price-fixing of products, resemblance of illegal pyramid schemes, recruitment of low-tiered sales people over the actual sales, relationships which are used as recruitment targets etc.

MLM Business is the most interesting one among all business. This business model is a part of major organizations and it is a marketing strategy, where the sales force is compensated for the sales of others they recruit. This is used to generate personal sales and to create a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. Products are sold directly to consumers by the help of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.

People normally sells various types of products because of the reason that they believe in the companies that stand behind them. Although laws are made for mlm, it is stric…

Special features of mlm software

Backup system:
Backup is the process in which files or databases are copied so that it helps to keep our valuable documents if equipment failure occurs. Back up facility is required for any software. There are chances of losing our saved data when there is no sufficient backup. MLM Software gives a strong back system including various features. This is very helpful in case of registration details. Data is kept on the server for a particular period of time. This can be deleted according to the client's interest. This software helps us to avoid major problems occurring in mlm business.
E-pin is considered as the best way of payment for various mlm companies. E-Pin is considered as a secure software. This software supports in registration and shipping procedures. There is a security code which will be generated by the software. This helps in the dealing of various processes through internet very easily. Through this, business can be made user friendly. E-Pin can be delivered thr…

MLM Software supports Unilevel plan

The Unilevel plan has been around here for many years . Major benefit of this model is that it is very easy to understand. There are no particular limitations in the width of this Plan. We can pay the fees here in a limited depth. Advantage of this plan is that for each member, sponsor will be in forehead. Only one line of distributors is allowed to sponsor in this mlm supported software for unilevel plan.  Here, we can recruit many members of the team in first position. We can also line them even. Regular compensation plans pay anywhere between 5 and 7 levels deep. Thus it is easy to explain. Generally, more distributors you recruit, greater the commission cheque you gets. This model is best suited for those who have network marketing experience or those who have ability to recruit a large number of frontline distributors.

MLM software supporting Matrix plan

Matrix plan is also known as forced matrix plan. We can implement software for matrix mlm plan to make the business secure. The structure of the matrix plan is not in a pyramid manner. But it consist of certain width and depth.There is a formula which is generally used to represent it.It is denoted by the expression Width*Depth. Since various variations are existing for this plan,there is a basic concept to the matrix MLM. It remains the same. There is a limited width to the MLM software compensation plan.So the distributors must help their down line members for the growth of their organization . In this Matrix compensation plan, when the front line becomes full the distributors have to sponsor new recruits deeper into their downline. Consequently new distributors are placed into the next available position. As time advances,the plans also advances to allow the distributors to decide where they want to position these new distributors.It probably increases the the amount o…

MLM software supports binary plan

Binary Compensation Plan is generally used to eliminate many of the demerits that comes in traditional network marketing plans. Multilevel marketing software for binary plan is a worthy one in this field. It is easy to implement and thus attractive to all network marketers including those new to the industry, part-timers, average networkers, and more experienced persons.Binary Plan can be called as a 2 x n matrix plan where n corresponds to the number of levels.Commissions can be derived from the corresponding levels.We get the value of n as infinite in most compensation plans. The distributors can owns Income or Business Centers (BC). The major speciality of business centre is that it can recruit only two direct sponsors.when joining a network marketing company, we should always consider the compensation plan.Before a final decision is made,you should also consider the products and the practicality of the business model.In binary plan new organization members are introduced into a b…

E-COMMERCE rules the way of shopping in SRI LANKA along MLM business

When we look on the graph of Google trends showing E-commerce (Electronic commerce) technology is going on a top gear in Srilanka . All kind of E-commerce websites getting a well recognition there. E commerce for MLM business is coming more for the secure and fast working of the business. E-commerce is the dealing of goods and services by companies and customers over the internet.Procedure includes the real-time exchange of resources from customer to owner . A note worthy factor is that Internet sales is improving quickly as customers take advantage of affordable prices offer by merchants. E-commerce is absolutely a business in the online environment. All the major transactions and deals take place over the internet. Deals all the transactions electronically using network connections. E-commerce differs from e-business in its own way. Transaction, exchange of value across organizational or individual boundaries, takes place in e-business.E-commerce has also introduced data encrypti…

E-commerce software development in Kerala

E-commerce is a easiest method in which dealing of products and services with customer by companies through online. This takes place in website of the company where the details of the product and service displayed. This makes very comfort to purchase product. This option increases the reputation and rating of the particular service and product.For this purpose a software must run behind it. This makes the process of  e shopping and transaction of money. Normally an E-commerce software is not available ready made. Its developed by the providers as per the clients requirements.
Some of the providers give demo for E-commerce software, from there you can have a clear view of its working. You can have an example by clicking here E-commerce software demo, This is provided by a  software development company specialized in E-commerce software development in Kerala, India.

Infinite Open Source Solutions

How to track your business online?

Its seems to be very difficult to track a Multi level marketing business when it reach to a unexpected growth.This happens same in the case of affiliate marketing, direct marketing or any other kind of business. This can be made comfort by using various business tracking software by online. Mainly these are web based software. This helps to track all business process through online and provides features helps to make the money transaction and product purchase very fast and secure.

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Design and Software for MLM websites

Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP is a software development and web designing company which provides software and design for MLM websites as per the clients complete requirements. The software   developed for the business is highly customized and optioned with various features. More over this its is supported with all business plans.

Along with software Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP designs splashing themes to your website which keeps relevancy for your nature of business. They also integrate Content Management System for MLM (CMS) like wordpress,drupal,joomla etc. Uses latest technologies like HTML 5 ,CSS 3, ExtJS.
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This is a MLM business plan where an affiliate can introduce to an infinite size in a controlled level as per the organisation. Infinite MLM software provides aMLM softwarewhich gives a numerous features like Simple, Reliable Secure Online Solution,E-Pin Management System,Strong Back up System,Multi Currency,Support TDS, Service Tax Deduction from Payout,Support to Integrate,MLM Website Designed by using CMS Technology,Inventory Solution,Secure Sign up Using E-Pin,Payment Gateway,E-Wallet System,Integrated with SMS Solution,Easy to Plug any Design,Well Structured Graphical Tree View Template,Automated Payment Processing System,Supports Multi Language,Incentive Calculation With in Few Minutes,Support Loyalty Program,Self Replicating Website,E-Commerce Integration,Inherit Website Look and Feel,Dedicating Supporting Team,Well Structured Reporting System,Rapid Development Approach,Personalized Email System.


Infinite MLM software is a web based application developed by leading Software Company named as Infinite
Opens Source Solutions LLP. This helps to make the over all MLM business process fast and secure. Thus the
activities of the business can be done from any where through online by each user individually, especially
like new member registration, product purchase, transaction etc. Beyond this Infinite MLM software is
featured with lot of options. The most highlighted thing is Infinite MLM software provides a free demo for a
month, which can be configured instantly from their website.

How to get a free demo?

You can get your demo with two steps as follow.

Step 1) Fill your personal details with username and password
Step 2) Configure your compensation plan.

After completing, you will receive email for confirmation of user name and password .Then you can login to
your account and do the further configuration of your plan.
You can start the procedures to get a free demo from this link


MLM party plan is one of the most trendy business plan in some european countries. This plan much easy to maintain with a MLM Software as binary MLM software. Party plan mlm software.can be obtained from Infinite mlm software. They are the most reliable MLM software providers with good features. Infinite MLM software is molded with SMS,E-pin,e-wallet etc.