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Infinite MLM software is a web based application developed by leading Software Company named as Infinite
Opens Source Solutions LLP. This helps to make the over all MLM business process fast and secure. Thus the
activities of the business can be done from any where through online by each user individually, especially
like new member registration, product purchase, transaction etc. Beyond this Infinite MLM software is
featured with lot of options. The most highlighted thing is Infinite MLM software provides a free demo for a
month, which can be configured instantly from their website.

How to get a free demo?

You can get your demo with two steps as follow.

Step 1) Fill your personal details with username and password
Step 2) Configure your compensation plan.

After completing, you will receive email for confirmation of user name and password .Then you can login to
your account and do the further configuration of your plan.
You can start the procedures to get a free demo from this link