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1.Role played by capital or fund.

Success of mlm marketing depends upon the ability to recruit.If we are able to recruit more, then the capital will be less.If we have a strong recruiting background or if we have more distributors,then the need for capital will get decreased. ie need for the capital is inversly proportional to the ability to recruit.If we go on recruiting,then the capital we have definitely tends to decline.So, we must try to make the base of capital be secure.for that we can seek the help of friends,relatives or dominant investors.Chances of getting public finance is very less in the case of,there is no gain to go behind the public finance.Pay roll infrastructure provides greater scope to make our capital getting diminished.We can surely succeed in mlm with little capital and more passion.There is no specific rule substantiating where to start the venture.we can start in a palace,hut,carshed or even in a car garage.It all depends on our intension,passion and m…