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MLM Software with Support system / Ticket System

Support systems or ticket systems are essential part of a mlm software, support system helps to connect between clients and customers. An effective transmission will eventually makes good business. Support systems are of various types web mailing support system, voice support system, chat system and Ticket system. Actually ticket system can be the combination of all of these. Ticket system is a priority based support system method. Ticket system consider tickets based on  the priority and check the status. Some ticket systems are modernized that they can provide the solutions for frequently asked questions. Support systems also includes Email alerts,time spared on each tickets, replies and rating of article’s, prevention of spam, presentations, multilingual  and more.


Centralized support system.
A integrated support system to manage customer queries received through emails, web forms or telephone calls.

3 stage execution

Planing and setting up the tickets based on priority and …