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MLM And Pyramid Scheme An Overview!!

Definition of MLM and Pyramid schemes

Multilevel marketing is the technique used for the distribution of products or services through registered members and providing commission for alternate product or service sale under the member.

 Pyramid scheme is a unstable business that takes in the money try to sell a product or service that doesn't exist. some cases it's start with free sign up and then asking money for the non-real product or service.


MLM is designed to advertise a product or service to maximum number of distributors and to increase the sales exponentially.The promoters or distributors get paid for the sale of and compensation for every sale takes place under their recruitment's. mlm plans is  designed such that the commission is paid to the members at multiple levels when a single and commission depends on the total volume of sales generated.

In Pyramid scheme ,money is charged for recruiting new people to the scheme and no actual product or service sold.The in…

MLM Software Mobile App : Benefits And Features !

The increasing use of Mobile and Tablets by the common people enforce us to give access of your MLM business concepts on Mobile and Tablets. Mobile app is an inevitable tool in any type of business area today,  it's the easiest and most effective way of communication, sharing information and lot's more options.

Infinite mlm software is the first developer of a fully packed mlm business software mobile app. Infinitemlm software mobile app will allow you to manage and review your mlm business growth using your mobile devices any time any where.Infinite mlm mobile app is available in android , ios and windows platform. MLM software mobile app can be designed as per the need of the client. Using an efficient mlm software and  mlm mobile application , the user can manage their businesses more effectively.

The main features in our MLM software mobile application are
Dashboard - To  display the summary of your business including customer details,joining    information's, payment …

Network Marketing Compensation Plans !

Understanding the mlm compensation plans is paramount for success in mlm business.

What are the most commonly used mlm compensation plans ?

How do they differ from each other?

Is there such a thing as the best compensation plan?

Most of the members in network marketing spend a lot of their time, money and lives in the business. These same members don't spend time on learning their companies compensation plans

There are different types of compensation plans are present in the market now, which are the favorites for network marketing companies. Each plan includes  of three basic elements, namely:

Commission type, that is, the sum of money that is paid out to the down line members each month for their activities during the month

Rules that lay down the criteria distributors need to meet in order to qualify for commissions or rewards and benefits from the company, and

Structure. The rules in a compensation plan that determine where a distributor will be placed in an organization form th…