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MLM Bucket Plan!

MLM bucket plan is a new mlm help plan in the industry. The name came from the fact that the wholw process based on buckets not on levels.

How It Works ?

The mlm bucket plan is one of the new generation simple help plan in mlm business. In an MLM Bucket plan when a new member joins , the new member joins in a bucket  in which there are various levels of help present. Then the recruits just helps  a previous donor and recieves multiple help from the other new members.

When the new recruits completes all levels od 1st bucket, and accepts all the helps, the recruiter have to renewal the qualify in the next higher bucket.

The MLM Company who wants to start their MLM Business with bucket help plan, can introduced number of buckets as per their plan and also can set their helping criteria and our expert team of consultants can assist you to improve your business plan.

Infinite MLM Software
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