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Metronome coin - A new Cryptocurrency

Metronome, fondly called the ‘built to last’ cryptocurrency is the latest addition to the new age currency that rocketed off with the launch of bitcoins in 2009. 
“Self Governance, Reliability, Portability “ The motto with which the designers built the coin gives a certain promise to the users that none its counterparts have managed to give. Since cryptocurrency is the most trending, cryptocurrency promotion also became an inevitable part of crypto coins. This will help to promote your newly developed cryptocurrency.
What is Metronome? The idea of Metronome was conceived on 3rd January 2017 by the Bitcoin alumnus, Bloq Blockchain firm who claimed the coin to be free of the threats and the developer drama that bitcoin faced. 
The first series of coins were launched in December that year and were auctioned off to the buyers. This was quite different from the conventional method of buying cryptocurrency wherein a miner uses a pile of data to extract coins and make them available to the public…