MLM Business Promotion - Tips and Tricks

Here, we will discuss some of the tried and tested MLM Business Promotion Tips. Every now and then, people are talking about Multi Level Marketing business and their earning prospects. What they did not tell you is that out of all the people that join different MLM networks, 70 percent of them does not manage to get a single paycheck during their lifetime. Out of the remaining 30 %, only 3% could earn a fortune while the rest could only manage a normal livelihood.

This blog will be the guiding star to be in that top 3%. Hang in there and take a look at these network marketing success tips.! These are the important promotional methods used in MLM business. Always a powerful MLM software will track referrals, commissions, and different statistics connected to the MLM Business model.

Promoting your MLM business

You can promote your MLM business through offline mode or online mode. Both of them come with their own set of advantages. Let us discuss them in detail.

Offline Promotions

  • Pamphlet Distribution
One of the most cheapest ways of promoting MLM business - distributing pamphlets has always helped network marketers in getting good business without much investment.

All you have to do is to print pamphlets and distribute it among the public. There are various ways to make this method of promoting MLM business a success.
  • Through newspapers  
You can design attractive pamphlets and get in touch with all the major newspaper vendors in your area.  They will insert the pamphlets in the newspapers, one in each and distribute it to their customers. Just make sure that one pamphlet, just one is inserted in each newspaper and not more than one. Otherwise, this method of promotion will not work efficiently as pamphlets won’t reach everyone in the area.
  • Through distribution in a crowded place
Every city has various places where people gather. This could be shopping districts, town squares and other areas. You can hire a local guy to distribute these pamphlets to everyone in the crowded areas. This could be done on a daily basis for a week since you can get a new set of crowd everyday.
  • Distribution in building apartments 
Every apartment will have dozens of families in them and you can get in touch with them by dropping in pamphlets in their letter boxes or you can hire someone to do it for you. You can put up your ads near elevators so that people get to see it every time they use the elevator.
  • Newspaper Ad
If you are a veteran and can afford a huge budget, you can go for display advertisements. In case of budget constraints, you can even opt for a small column in the classifieds section with just three or four lines.

In India, you can place the ads in any of the top newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Indian Express etc. You can place ads in regional and local newspapers as well.
  • Poster Ads
Attractive posters can get people hooked onto it. You can design posters and stick them on the walls of the main areas of the city. You can create A3 or A4 size poster ads & stick your poster on the walls of main areas in the city.
  • Auto and Taxi Ads
This is a very effective and cheap method of promoting any business, forget MLM. Talk to a some of the auto rickshaw drivers and cabbies and  get them to sign up for displaying your ads on their vehicles. You just need to a monthly fee for doing so. When these vehicles travel all over the city, thousands of people can see your ads.
  • Local Cable TV advertisement
Local cable TV is another option to promote your MLM business. The ads are very cheap and many people have found success through this.

Online Promotion Techniques

  • Create website/blog
Though creating a website is not everyone’s cup of tea, this is one of the easiest ways of promoting a MLM business. You can gain high quality leads from all around the world if you are willing to put in some time and effort to create the website and so some SEO.

Google is where people check out the reviews of the products  and companies. You can optimize the website in such a way that your website appears at the top of the search results for such keywords.

People will visit your website and if they like the products, they will contact you for business.
  • Promote through forums that posts MLM topics
There are a number of websites that post blogs related to MLM and network marketing. You can visit such blogs and place a comment under relevant blogs with your contact details. Interested people will give you a call.
You can also join MLM forums and actively participate in discussions. You can promote your MLM companies either through signature link or in the question-answers.
  • Promotion through Facebook pages and other social media platforms
This is probably the cheapest of all the online promotion options. Create a facebook Page in the name of your company , promote it to get people to like your page and turn them into your customers.

Your FB page should have a professional profile photo and cover picture. You can update the daily MLM news,news about your company, reward structure,motivation stories etc to keep your followers engaged in your page.
  • Google Adwords 
This is a method of paid promotion where in you will have to create a Google  AdWords account, make the payment through credit card/net banking and create your Ad.

Within minutes, your ad will appear on the first page of the Google with all the potential keywords. You will receive quality traffic on your website & your network can grow at a very fast speed.

You can use just this method to promote your business if you do it properly.

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These are some of the ways that I could come up to grow your MLM business. If you have experienced success with any other method, comment below. Let us help each other and grow as a community.


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