New Health International MLM Review

New Health International is an MLM or network marketing company which specializes in the nutrient supplement niche. Today, we will go through the New Health International Review to better understand the company.

It was launched in the year 2002 in California in the United States Of America. The present Chairman of the company is Houn Simon Hsia. He was an active member of the MLM firm Viva Life before which he resigned later.

New Health International MLM Review

Here we will discuss New Health International MLM Review - Whether its a great MLM Business opportunity or a scam!

NewHealth Products

The products offered by the New Health range from supplements, nutraceuticals to nutracosmeceuticals. A complete catalogue about their products is available on their website in a detailed format. But their retail prices are not given there too. Do Well Laboratories manufacture the products of NewHealth. It is also owned by Houn Simon Hsia.
Some of NewHealth’s prestigious products include:
  1. Shampoo – It cleanses and hydrates the hair and scalp deeply.
  2. Conditioner and Detangler – Moisturizes and strengthens the hair. It makes the hair texture smooth.
  3. Face Wash – This natural face wash helps to cleanse your face completely.
  4. Body Wash – A complete body wash for all your needs.
  5. NH Facial Cleanser Plus – This cleanser removes the impurities and leaves the skin nourished and soft.
  6. NH Toner Plus – It has the goodness of Aloe Vera , hazel and hyaluronic acid extracts which helps in minimizing the pores that appear in the skin and gives flawless skin.
  7. Some other products are NH Day Cream Plus, NH Night Cream Plus, NH Peeling Mask Plus, NH Eye Gel Plus, etc.

New Health Compensation Plan

New Health affiliates can recruit new business partners to their downline and also can sell various products to retail customers. If you to get compensation plan commissions, you must generate at least 100 Personal Volume(PV) per month. It could be generated by either selling to customers or by purchasing products for yourself.

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New Health Ranks

There are a total of nine ranks inside this company. And they are as given below

  1. Associate: An associate needs to generate and maintain 500 Group Volume(GV) over a period of three months
  2. Supervisor: A supervisor will be responsible for generating and maintaining 501 to 1500 GV in three months.
  3.  Manager: A Manager needs to generate 1501 to 3000 GV over three months.
  4. Director: A Director needs to generate and maintain 3001 or more GV over a period of three months
  5. Qualified Director: A qualified Director should maintain atleast 800 GV in monthly volume.
  6. Gold Director: A Gold Director should sponsor and maintain at least one Qualified Director
  7. Emerald Director: They should sponsor and maintain at least three Qualified Directors.
  8. Diamond Director: They should sponsor and maintain at least five Qualified Directors
  9. Crown Diamond Director: They should sponsor and maintain at least seven Qualified Directors.
Rebate New Health Commissions

New Health offers a reduction in prices when you purchase or when the sponsored members do any purchase

  1. An Associate can earn a 5% rebate on their own purchase.
  2. Supervisors receive a 9% rebate on their own personal purchases and 4% on personally sponsored Associates.
  3. Managers receive a 13% rebate on their own personal purchases, 8% on personally sponsored Associates and 4% on Supervisors.
  4. A Director receives 18% off on their purchases, 13% can be earned on personally sponsored Associates, 9% can be earned on Supervisors and 5% can be earned on Managers.
Generational Bonus

The Generational Bonus is paid through a uni-level compensation structure. If there is a qualified Director or a higher-ranked member in your unilevel leg, that is calculated as one generation. And it there are two found in that unilevel leg, that’s two generations and so on.

As of now we can see, New Health offers up to six generations deep: The  Directors who are qualified are preferred to earn a 10% Generation Bonus on the first generation and 6% on the second.

  1. Gold Directors are eligible to earn the same as Directors and extra 5% on the third.
  2. Emerald Directors are eligible to earn the same as Gold Directors and 3% on the fourth.
  3. Diamond Directors are eligible to earn the same as Emerald Directors and extra 2% on the fifth.
  4. Crown Diamond Directors are eligible to earn the same as Diamond directors and extra  1% on the sixth.

President Bonus

The New Health takes 5% of its total sales volume created in the USA, and invests it in the President Bonus Pool. And this 5% is again split into two pools of 2.5%.

In order to avail this bonus, the conditions should be followed. In each pool, the person should have their own qualification
  1.  To be eligible for one share in the first 2.5% President Bonus Pool, they need to generate at least 2000 monthly GV and also need to recruit or refer a new affiliate each month.
  2. To be eligible for one share in the second 2.5% President Bonus Pool, they need to generate at least 3000 monthly GV.
Joining Fee for New Health

To earn a New Health affiliate membership, one should buy at least a 100 PV product order.

Also, you have to maintain a 200 PV order annually in order to continue with the membership. The affiliates in high rank or the directors should also pay $25 fee when they recruit outside of their own country.
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Final Verdict

Is NewHealth MLM a scam or an excellent opportunity?

Definitely, it’s not a scam! But has certain flaws too.
It has been around us since the year 2002, which is not a minor achievement. There is no retail pricing or bonuses for retail sales in general, which is a flaw of theirs. And guess they are focusing a little too much on their sponsoring side which could lead to trouble with the FTC (Financial Trade Commission). Also, they have a huge collection of consumer products but doesn’t have incentives for them.
But still, it's a good MLM opportunity if you are ready to work hard and dedicate your valuable time here.
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