Top 6 Data security features of MLM software


Any online business or any software is more concerned about data security to promote their business. The same goes in hand with MLM software.

Have you ever thought about the importance of data security in MLM software? Yes! It plays a crucial role in MLM software for promoting the MLM business more successfully.

In this article, you will be able to understand the importance of data security in MLM software.

Network Marketing business needs data security

Product sale is the major highlight of MLM or network marketing business to promote their business worldwide. E-commerce solutions provide a platform to promote MLM products efficiently.

These business activities accomplish many activities like processing product orders, processing online payments, collecting customer information for product delivery, storing and maintaining user data for future reference.

As these data are very sensitive, confidential and more prone to hacking, it is always better to make use of the latest encryption techniques to secure the data with more protection and prevent fraudulent activities.     

MLM activities also involve maintaining data of distributors, downlines, commission payout details, commission plan, all the payment and transaction details.

So it is mandatory to have high data security to maintain all the MLM related data, all financial and transaction data, and personal information of the customer.

Data security features of MLM software

The security features that to be included in MLM software are as follows:

1. SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) Encryption

SSL refers to a secure socket layer that will help to manage the encrypted data communication between the web server and web browser. Host providers offer SSL certificates for data security and you need to install the same for managing the SSL encryption.

Why do you need SSL?

SSL ensures secure data communication over the link between a web browser and a web server. So it prevents data hacking and thus ensures high data security with only authorised access.

How to identify SSL is implemented with the website?

It is very easy to identify or understand a website with implemented SSL encryption. The address bar of the website with implemented SSL indicates https:// and it shows that it is a secure website and at the same time if it is indicating http:// in the address bar, it is not a secure website.

If the customer uses this insecure channel for any online payments, it is highly prone to data hacking and unauthorised data access.

2. PCI DSS-Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

PCI DSS refers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is a security standard that is required by all the credit card suppliers. It should be PCI compliant.

This is required by all the organisations that deal with the details or data of the credit cardholder. Since the efficient MLM software offers multiple payment options, the website and MLM software should comply with PCI.

How to be PCI compliant?

PCI is a compliance process that is continuous and defined by the security standards council of PCI. The steps involved in the process are as follows:


The card suppliers will possess a list of the IT assets and the same is processed via following certain business processes to identify the security vulnerabilities in the system.


The storage space required for the details or the data of cardholders is resized in such a way to restrict what is required to prevent vulnerabilities.


To obtain the details of card suppliers, the reports are prepared after monitoring the security features regularly.

Why is PCI needed?

The security standards council of PCI prevents data hacking, fraudulent activities. Overall, it administers the standards of PCI. If any card supplier is not PCI compliant, they may not be eligible or have the rights to accept credit card payments completely and need to manage the incurred charge.

3. IP Blocking

IP blocking is the security feature used in any server to block a certain IP address or a group of IP's which are considered unauthorised or undesirable.

Why IP Blocking is needed

When you monitor unauthorised access to your website, you will be able to block the individual or a group of IP addresses to prevent hacking.

In the case of any online business or any software, data security is highly supported with IP blocking security features. IP can be blocked in case any fraudulent activities are monitored.

As MLM business involves more data, IP blocking feature is required in MLM software to prevent data hacking.

4. DDoS-Denial Of Service

When compared with all other features discussed in this article, DDoS is not a feature for data security but it is a service attack. This service attack needs to be taken care of to have high data security.

Why DDoS to be taken care of ?

The necessary security feature to be implemented to prevent this type of cyber attack. This attack enhances the illegal traffic to your website and temporarily hinders the customer access to your website.

It affects the performance of the website by responding slowly to the traffic produced by intruders or hackers.

Thus it is very important that the MLM software should possess certain data security features to prevent fraudulent activities caused by DDoS attacks.

5. Encryption of Database

To protect and secure data for your MLM software, it should be protected from any hacking or fraudulent activities. It is always better to transfer the data in the encrypted format instead of using plain format. The latest encryption techniques can be implemented in your MLM software.

Why encryption is needed

Since MLM software deals with multiple data for its operations, some important data like credit card data for online payment options can be stored in an encrypted format.

The security code of the data required to access the credit card details can be maintained in the encrypted format. In this way, you will be able to have a secured database with encrypted data.

6. Password Encryption

Password encryption is a process to accept your password in an encrypted format so that an intruder will not hack it. Thus you can have a secure password for your MLM software. Ensure that the software providers use the MD5 encryption techniques for storing the password.

Why password to be encrypted

The hackers will attempt to hack the password to have unauthorised access to the user account. If the password is stored in plain format, the chance of getting hacked is more and thus it is always secure to store them in an encrypted format.

In MLM software, if the admin password is hacked, then it affects the whole MLM business to a greater extent. So password encryption is an important feature to be implemented in MLM software.

7. Database backup

Backup is also a type of data security feature which maintains a copy of the data to recover when it is damaged by any disaster.

Why is database backup required ?

In MLM software, when the data is destroyed due to any disaster, it will affect the MLM business productivity as it involves the commission payout, distributor details, merchant account details, product details, downline details, commission plan, etc.

You need to implement the backup process for your MLM software as it deals mainly with data and needs to recover that data in case of any data loss.

You need to perform daily or weekly backup of your MLM software to protect your MLM data.


Hope in this article, you will be able to find the importance of data security in MLM software.Always choose the best MLM software providers with data security features in the MLM software(MLM Software developers like Infinite MLM Software, Hybrid MLM Software, Prime are available in the market with above features).

Ensure that the above data security features are implemented in the MLM software. Data security is unavoidable for an efficient MLM software and thus it enhances the growth of your MLM business by securing your customer data as well your organisational data.

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